Advantages of Salt Lamps


Salt lamps are used in the house for air cleansing purposes. Salt lamps are effective household items since they not only give you clean air to breathe; they also rid the air of all impurities that could cause allergic reactions. Salt lamps are usually derived from dried ocean beds in Poland, Iran as well as the Himalayas Mountains. The himalayan salt lamps come in a variety of sizes and they are usually attached to a firm base made of wood. The salt lamp is then drilled at the center to provide space for the light bulb. The salt lamp has to be connected to electricity in order to function.

The bulb inside the salt lamp is not only used for lighting. It is also responsible for warming the lamp so that negative ions are produced. The negative ions released from the lamp are responsible for purifying the air in the room. There are various benefits that come with using salt lamps in a home. Using the salt lamp near your computer has the benefit of neutralizing electromagnetic field effects released by computer screens. The electromagnetic effects released by computer screens are usually responsible for headaches, fatigue as well as lack of concentration. Salt lamps will ensure that you work in a healthy environment that will lead to increased productivity. To know more about them visit also this site

Other electronic items inside a home, as well as heating and cooling systems, usually release positive ions in the atmosphere. If these positive ions are not neutralized, various health problems can occur. Positive ions can lead to migraines, sleep disorders, stress, and allergies. Salt lamps will release negative ions into the air that will counteract the positive ions released by electronic items hence leading to a healthy environment.

Himalayan salt lamps are also believed to produce calming and relaxation effects and are thus very popular in massage parlors as well as the spa. The salt crystals are also used for meditation purposes such as yoga due to their calming effects. The salt lamps are great night lamps that enable users to sleep better due to the clean air released that is free from smoke, dust particles and other impurities.

Salt lamps are effective in reducing radiation emitted by artificial lights and are very popular in hospitals and waiting rooms. The salts produce calming effects that shield patients from stress and anxiety. The lamps are also popular in bars, casinos as well as clubs as they help absorb positive ions released by cigarette smoke. The negative ions purify the air thus leading to a clean atmosphere.


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